Visian ICL™

Visian ICL™

The Visian ICL™ by STAAR Surgical is an insertable contact lens used to correct myopia (nearsightedness) without altering the cornea. Patients who undergo this procedure can often sharper, clearer and more vivid vision correction than LASIK, a quality termed High Definition Visian™ for its significant results. Visian is currently the only minimally invasive foldable lens available in the US, and many patients are now choosing it as an alternative to glasses or regular contact lenses.

Made of Collamer®, a highly biocompatible material with small amounts of purified collagen within, the Visian lens safely improves vision while protecting the eye from ultraviolet rays. This lens does not require any special care and stays in place on its own, just like your natural lens. There is minimal risk of infection due to the biocompatible nature of the lens.

Candidates for Visian ICL Treatment

The Visian ICL is ideal for patients between the ages of 21 and 45 years old who are suffering from nearsightedness (myopia) and want to achieve clear vision without eyeglasses or regular contact lenses. For optimal safety and best results, patients should not have a history of ophthalmic surgery or diseases such as iritis, glaucoma or diabetic retinopathy. Your doctor will determine whether or not this treatment is right for you after an eye exam and evaluation of your vision history.

Visian ICL Procedure

The Visian ICL treatment begins one to two weeks before the actual procedure, when you doctor will perform a YAG laser iridotomy. This preliminary procedure involves the creation of one or two small incisions within the iris, the colored part of the eye, to allow fluid to circulate and to prevent a buildup of intraocular pressure during the actual procedure. On the day of the ICL implantation, your doctor will numb the eye with a topical anesthetic before making an opening in the cornea to insert and position the lens. A gel-like substance will also be used during the procedure to protect the eye while the lens is being placed.

In most cases, sutures are not needed because of the small incision size. Eye drops will be administered to prevent infection or inflammation during the recovery process. An eye patch or shield may be used for further protection and comfort after the procedure. Patients should have someone else drive them home after their procedure. The entire procedure takes only 15 minutes to perform.

Results and Recovery

After the ICL is implanted, patients will likely only need a day or two to recovery, with little to no side effects. Noticeable vision improvement will occur almost right away, while the lens remains invisible to others, as it’s positioned behind the iris.

Your doctor will ask you to return to the office the next day to evaluate the results of the procedure. Although the lens is meant to be kept in place for permanent vision correction, it can be removed if necessary by your doctor. It can also be replaced with an updated lens if your vision changes significantly after implantation. Patients will still be able to wear reading glasses for presbyopia after this procedure as well.

Visian ICl Safety

Unlike LASIK, PRK and other refractive procedures, the Visian ICL procedure is not typically associated with complications such as dry eye and thinning of the cornea. It is considered safer and less invasive than these other procedures, while still achieving clear distance vision. When they do occur, complications are usually mild and can be corrected by your doctor.

To learn more about the Visian ICL treatment, please contact us today and find out whether or not this procedure is right for you!