Our Technology


The Femtosecond Laser replaces the blade commonly used to create the LASIK Flap. Using a computer-guided laser makes the procedure safer and more precise than the blade. All parameters of the flap can be customized for your eyes to deliver speed, accuracy, precision and improved safety. Compared to the blade, it allows your surgeon to treat a wider range of prescriptions because the depth of the flap can be customized for you.

The Femtosecond Laser delivers micron-level accuracy by separating the natural layers of the cornea with the creation of a rapid succession of microscopic bubbles. Your surgeon will use the Femtosecond Laser that is best suited for your eyes to give you the safest, most precise outcome.


The Ziemer Laser is used to create the LASIK flap, and allows surgeons to precisely customize the flap—including shape, size, thickness, orientation and side contours.

The Ziemer laser is also used for:

  • Creating the channels for INTACS® in Keratoconus surgery
  • Creating the corneal pocket for KAMRA® and Raindrop® Inlays for the treatment of Presbyopia
  • Creating partial or full thickness corneal transplant resections

NVISION® was the first laser eye center in the Western United States to offer this advanced Swiss technology. It offers the highest speed and lowest energy output of any Femtosecond laser, making it the most comfortable for our patients during surgery. It also offers a rapid recovery of the highest-quality vision.