LASIK Technology

New Generation in LASIK with VisuMax® is significantly shaping the world of refractive surgery. This ground-breaking laser system employs high-performance femtosecond laser technology and is characterized by its outstanding cutting precision, unsurpassed speed and gentle treatment technique, fast and easy healing! The VisuMax is the ideal platform for therapeutic and refractive applications of cutting-edge corneal surgery.

This latest proven technology has redefined the world of LASIK vision correction. Also extremely precise and fast, this will speed up the healing time, allow you to resume your daily activities,  with the clearest vision possible.
Custom LASIK

The state-of-the-art  technology with replaces the microkeratome blade that has traditionally been used to cut the necessary corneal flap during laser vision correction procedures. Rather than creating the flap with a blade, VisuMax® uses laser energy to make a quick, painless incision. By replacing the hand-held blade with a computer-controlled laser, the risk of complications is virtually eliminated.