One Insurance does not fit all

If you think your insurance carrier is a good one...don't read this.  We are very happy to have all of our established (and any new patients) support our practice.  Due to all of the insurance carrier changes, Obama Care, and new ACO's,  we have been caught up in a virtual twilight zone with United Healthcare.  Patients, please beware....all insurance carriers are not  created equal and UHC is the worst.  Please lobby your patent representative if you have been informed that Hodges Eye Care is not a provider for your AARP Medicare or Tucson Metro plans.  We have tried to work this out with them, but to no avail and we sincerely apologize for the inconveniences this may have caused any of our patients.  Open enrollment is coming very soon, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE look into other plans that have not discriminated against our small practice.  We know that there are a number of choices for eye care services in Tucson, but we want to keep our patients, not send them away in the middle of medical care because the insurance company plays favorites.  If you look at it, from a healthy point of view, less is not always best.