6 Reasons to Avoid Makeup Before and After LASIK

Whether you wear eye-makeup to serve as a creative outlet, to boost your confidence, or just because you love the way you look with eyeliner, you’ll need to go “au natural” in the weeks before and after LASIK surgery. We know the idea of going makeup-free is unheard of, but don’t worry! It’s only temporary and entirely for your safety. Read on to learn six reasons why it’s so important to follow this directive.


We know. Trust us. We know. But listen up — makeup is a breeding ground for bacteria, and bacteria can lead to infection. In the weeks before and after your LASIK surgery, you’ll be asked to avoid makeup to reduce the risk of contracting an infection (which would seriously complicate your healing process).

Infections Are No Joke

Infections during LASIK surgery can be serous, so it’s essential to minimize any risk. Sure, going makeup-free might be tough, but it’s not worth the risk to ignore this directive.

In addition, applying eye makeup after LASIK can lead to discomfort. Applying eye shadow, for instance, means touching the eye area while the corneal flap created during LASIK is healing. This can result in post-surgery complications, which means discomfort as well as issues with overall vision quality.

Wait at Least a Week After LASIK

Why do you have to wait a week? By this time, you’ll have had your follow up with your LASIK surgeon and should be in the clear. But always check with your doctor first!

Use Eye Drops Instead of Eye Makeup

Part of your healing process will include using daily eye drops. No eye-makeup means no chance of bacteria entering the eyes. Even if the chance of infection wasn’t there, there’s no way you’re making it through the day without raccoon tears, so just skip it until your LASIK surgeon gives you the thumbs up.

This Only Applies to Eye Makeup

Don’t worry about makeup products like foundation, blush, concealer, lipstick, and lip liners. You’re in the clear with those.

Do Not Wear Makeup on Surgery Day!

Patients should not wear any eye make-up the day of their LASIK procedure. On the night before surgery, it’s a good idea to thoroughly wash your face of any make-up, creams, and so forth. The day of your surgery, patients should not use any facial products, make-up, facial lotions/creams, and should even avoid wearing perfumes or colognes. This is to ensure that no potential causes of irritation are present during the surgery.

Want to know more about what you should and should not do after LASIK surgery? Our LASIK experts are here to walk you through everything you should know. To schedule your LASIK consultation, contact our office today!