4 Reasons To Get LASIK This Summer

4 Reasons To Get LASIK This Summer

If you’ve dreamed of seeing without glasses or contacts, you’ve probably considered LASIK. Maybe you’ve considered it for a while but aren’t sure when you should get it  Any kind of elective surgery can be hard to plan, but LASIK is a simple and painless procedure that you can get done this summer. Why this summer? Why wait any longer? Make this your summer of visual freedom.

Get LASIK Done Before Fall

If you’re a student or a parent, chances are fall is a busy time. There are classes and all kinds of school events to worry about. Even if you’re not on a yearly school schedule, consider the weather changes and the fact it’s usually windier in the fall. If you get your LASIK surgery done at the beginning of the summer, you should be fully healed by September. Of course, initial recovery only takes a couple weeks and your vision will start improving immediately after surgery. After surgery, your eyes will be left to heal on their own, which can take a few months.  Be prepared for wind and dust in the fall by getting your surgery done early!

Enjoy Vacation And Travel

Over the summer, you probably have some plans to rest and relax, and maybe even go on a trip. But travel can be stressful— even more so when you have to worry about packing spare contacts, glasses, and other eyewear accessories. Imagine avoiding the stress of having to bring contacts or glasses and worrying about losing them. Instead, you can see the sights with your own two eyes, unassisted. Sounds pretty great, right? Have LASIK this summer with Hodges Eye Care and Surgical Center and enjoy your vacation with total visual freedom!

Swim Worry-Free

Summer is a great time to swim, whether it’s at the beach or just at the local pool.  Swimming with glasses or contacts can be a real pain and may keep you out of the water. But if you get LASIK this summer, you can spend time in the water, instead of worrying about contacts or glasses.

See Summer Movies

All kinds of good movies come out during the summer, especially action films and blockbusters. See them with your own eyes for the first time this summer, and enjoy putting on 3D glasses without having to wrestle them over your glasses. The sights of nature in the summer are stunning, but so are stunning visuals on the big screen. Experience it all this summer and catch the biggest films right when they come out!

Still wondering if LASIK is right for you? Want to see without glasses or contacts? Learn more by calling Hodges Eye Care and Surgical Center today to schedule a FREE consultation!