Patient Testimonials

iLASIK Testimonials

“Being a physician, I am extremely critical when it comes to my own health. So word of mouth is important, but I also have to feel comfortable with my health provider. So despite knowing of other patients and a husband who had great experiences with Hodges Eye Center, I was still skeptical–that is until I arrived for my appointment. I found the staff and doctors to be most professional and personable. I had all (and trust me, I had many) of my questions answered and the procedure was explained to me in detail. They even gave me details about other vision correction options, prognosis and future advances in the eye care field. I was able to make a well-informed decision that would best fit my lifestyle. Three things that are especially important to me: my family, my free time and my work. Vision correction has positively impacted all three. Now I can truly enjoy the mountain and city view from my home, make it through an entire day of patient procedures without the worry of losing glasses or eye irritation from contact lenses, and I can avoid the upcoming potholes when my kids have fallen asleep in the car. After my successful procedure and exceptional experience, I can truly say that choosing Hodges Eye Center makes ‘foresight’ 20/15.”
Dr. M. – iLASIK Patient

“The freedom they have given me is worth its weight in gold. To be able to see 20/20 without glasses is something I didn’t think was possible. It’s amazing to think that a 20 minute procedure was able to fix a lifetime of bad vision. I would recommend this procedure to anyone and everyone who are trying to determine if they should go through the process. Once you have it done, you will wonder why you waited so long. Thank you Dr. Hodges and staff for a wonderful experience and a life of clarity.”
Curtis F. – iLASIK Patient

“The best thing was waking up the next morning after the surgery and being able to see my alarm clock without reaching for my glasses. I knew I had made a great investment.”
Kirk H. – iLASIK Patient

“I am extremely satisfied with the experience I had at Hodges Eye Care. Step by step through the whole process I felt really comfortable. The staff at Hodges Eye Care had great customer service. I would highly recommend Hodges Eye Care to any person seeking eye care.”
Chris G. – iLASIK Patient

“Overall great experience. Very informative staff who answered all questions. Less painful than I thought it would be. Worst part was wearing glasses two weeks before surgery.”
Brian L. – iLASIK Patient

“I can see! Yesterday I was nervous but excited. Everyone was professional and very helpful. Even though I was scared, everything was explained, every question answered. I am very happy with the results and would recommend Hodges Eye Center to anyone. In fact I told a friend about it already and she is very interested. “
Sharon S. – iLASIK Patient

“My eye surgery was quick and easy with very minimal discomfort. Less than 24 hours later I see pretty well and eyes feel fine.”
Kerah B. – iLASIK Patient

“Lydia was excellent…knowledgeable and friendly. Dr. Hodges talking through the steps and letting you know how you would feel or what you would experience at each step made the procedure relaxing and eliminated all anxiety. The first 30 minutes of the nap after the surgery was uncomfortable due to the stinging and watery eyes. But after that, no big deal. Can’t wait for my vision to clear up this week!”
Phillip P. – iLASIK Patient

“I have been wearing glasses since I was 5 years old. Never thought I would be able to see without glasses. It’s wonderful. I slept for the first 4 ½ hours and then after that I never felt so free. I’m a very active person and very spontaneous person. It’s wonderful to wake up and not have to look for my glasses. Thank you so much.”
Debbie B. – iLASIK Patient

“Overall I was blown away by this whole experience! The staff at Hodges Eye Care is professional, friendly and knowledgeable. They answered all my questions and concerns. The procedure itself was much faster than I expected. I could see better already just walking to the car. It is simply amazing that I am able to drive less than 24 hours later. I have no pain or discomfort in my eyes. This is the best money I have every spent. I am 24 years old and I wish I could have done this many years ago. People take for granted being able to roll out of bed and see 20/20 but I won’t. Every time I wake up and don’t have to reach for my glasses I will have Dr. Hodges, Lydia and the rest of the wonderful staff here to thank!”
Andrelo P. – iLASIK Patient

“When I woke up this morning it was the best feeling to be able to see and not have to look for glasses. Everyone on staff was great and it was such a quick procedure, I couldn’t believe it! Thank you! XXOO”
Barbara M. – iLASIK Patient

“Today was the day that I got to see what I was missing! It was so wonderful to be able to wake up and see the clock without reaching for my glasses first. I can’t believe all of the details that I was missing out on – beautiful mountains, the details of the leaves on the trees, etc. The iLASIK experience was wonderful and I will and am recommending it to all of my friends, coworkers, etc. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU Dr. Hodges for giving me my eyesight back!”
Emily P. – iLASIK Patient

“The entire process was a breeze. Everyone was very nice and answered all of my questions. I was a little nervous the day of the surgery, but when I was being prepped I realized I had no reason to be. Everything was being explained and described as it happened. The procedure was fairly quick. The longest part was waiting for the “bubbles” to dissipate in my eyes. After that it was a matter of looking at a flashing light for a few seconds each eye. After the procedure I noticed a difference right away. I was dreading the post op eye irritation that everyone told me about, but it wasn’t so bad. I went home, went to bed and woke up seeing better than ever. Best decision I ever made!”
Khaleed S. – iLASIK Patient

“The entire procedure from my initial consultation to the surgery itself was extremely professional and I always felt well informed as to what to expect. The procedure was painless and over much quicker than I had expected and the surgeon took great care to explain to me each step as they proceeded. I am 100% satisfied with Hodges and have already recommended your center and the same procedure to a friend. He will be in Monday for his consultation!”
Cameron D. – iLASIK Patient

“I was very impressed with the customer service leading up to the procedure. Dr. Hodges spend an extended period of time answering all of my questions. Lydia was also very helpful in walking me through the process. Dr. Hodges was great during the procedure. He walked me through the process, step by step, explaining everything he was doing. Less than 24 hours after the surgery my vision is 20/15. So far I am very pleased with the outcome.”
Max J. – iLASIK Patient

“I heard about Dr. Hodges from a friend who had recently gone through the iLASIK procedure. The staff is very friendly and Lydia is very comforting and informative. She made me feel very comfortable and answered all of my questions. During the procedure Dr. Hodges explained the entire process to me. It helped me relax and feel secure. The overall experience was fantastic. I cannot wait to play sports without glasses or contacts. Thank you!”
Arvin P. – iLASIK Patient

“The staff was very helpful and nice! Dr. Hodges talked me through the entire procedure which helped keep me comfortable and calm. So far so good with the outside vision, inside is still a little hazy. I have already recommended Dr. Hodges to 2 friends since my procedure yesterday and will continue to do so! Thanks!”
Laura S. – iLASIK Patient

“Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to be competitive in equestrian again. It is so wonderful to be able to see again.”
iLASIK Patient

“It was amazing! Very happy!”
Rebecca D. – iLASIK Patient

“I came to this office looking for something I had not found in 3 previous offices…people who had my best interest and concerns answered. The first meeting to me sets the tone for the future relationship and I felt the feeling of warm welcome and wanted. We all agree that your eyes are the most important thing you have and knowing all my concerns and questions were getting answered was the deal maker. The office staff was not only friendly and organized…but extremely friendly. 24 hours later and the surgery behind me and I feel I couldn’t have made a better choice.”
iLASIK Patient

Cataract Patient Testimonials

“Everyone was very professional and extremely pleasant. Any questions were quickly answered. Both times the procedure was done there was very little discomfort and always a helping hand. Thank you for all you did!”
Janet B., Cataract Surgery

“Every aspect of the cataract surgery was EXCELLENT. I would recommend the process to anyone.”
Donald B., Cataract Surgery

“I was very pleased with the staff. They were very courteous. What I like is that it is very close to my house. I am very happy with everything.”
Cataract Patient

“The procedure seemed to go fast. The medication worked perfectly as I had no awareness of the procedure taking place. I felt the care after the surgery was excellent. There have been no out-of-the-ordinary reactions to the surgery.”
Cataract Patient

“I want to thank everyone from Hodges Eye Care Center for all their hard work that I have received from the very beginning. I am thankful that everything went smoothly from the planning of my surgery to the explanation of my post-surgery instructions. My vision was very poor before the surgery and now I’m recovering and seeing so much better. Thank you again so very much for all that you have done.”

“The experience so far has been great. I had surgery 11/3/11 on my right eye. And am having the left eye done on 11/10/11. All the staff are cordial and comforting. I’m looking forward to having good vision in both eyes again.”
Randal S., Cataract Surgery

“I didn’t feel anything and I am doing OK. Thanks! P.S. The ladies were very nice.”
Gloria B.

“The whole staff is efficient, courteous and very professional. Sandra stands out, she called me at home the day of my surgery to see how I was doing. That meant a lot. Also the pre-op nurse who gets the I.V. ready is great. I didn’t feel the needle at all. Besides that, she is very personable. It was a great experience. I would recommend the clinic to everyone.”
Randal N., Cataract Patient

“Everything was good. Surgery and staff were great. I really appreciate everything that they did for me. Thanks!”
Jesus D., Glaucoma

“The entire experience was very professional and anxiety-free. I do not hesitate in returning for the second eye. This is one of the most professional offices that I have been associated with. I will truly promote your product to the outside world!!”
Tim K., Cataract Surgery

“I was very satisfied after the cataract was removed from my right eye.”
Astrid H., Cataract Surgery

“I want to thank the doctor and staff for an excellent, professional reception and cordial handling of my times here. My eyes are clear and I can see clearly. Thank you very much. Your staff is excellent in their performance. I would recommend you to anyone who asks. Thank you.”
P. M.

“I can see like before! And it has only been less than 24 hours after surgery. Next week or so, my eye will be like new. Thank you!”

“All aspects of my experience met or exceeded expectations. I’m pleased with my vision after surgery. Sandra is a real asset to the organization. She is personable and interacts with patients in an exceptionally effective manner. And, of course, I have the utmost respect for Dr. Hodges. I’m sincerely appreciative of his skill and expertise. Good job!!!”
Gerald H., Cataract

“Everything that I expected! The staff is always very professional and courteous! My vision is greatly improved and now for my right eye! I have highly recommended Hodges Eye Center to all my friends and particularly my immediate family.”
George D., Cataract

“I would recommend Dr. Hodges to others. It was a good experience. I was afraid to get this done. The care that was shown was excellent. It didn’t even take long. I like the location and there was always parking. The employees were helpful and friendly.”

“It was nice to see Dr. Hodges prior to surgery. It reduces my anxiety to know the Dr. is here. Sandra takes so much time to explain everything. I never felt rushed – she has such a pleasant personality. Dr. Bridle gets a “5 star” rating – this is the FIRST time I ever had surgery and did NOT get sick. I felt great all day – no nausea/vomiting. She listened to me and made adjustments. Love her!!”

“What can I say? I asked for perfect range vision and it seems I got it. Thank you so much! I love it!”

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