Posterior Capsulotomy

During cataract surgery, the clouded lens in the eye is removed from the lens capsule and replaced with a clear, artificial lens called an IOL. Weeks, months or years after the surgery, some patients experience a loss of vision. This sometimes happens because the lens capsule becomes cloudy or wrinkled, blurring the patient’s vision once again. This affects about 1 in 4 people within 5 years of having cataract surgery. It is sometimes called an aftercataract or secondary membrane.

If an examination confirms that this is the case, and if the clouded capsule prevents the patient from doing what he or she wants or needs to do, then a posterior capsulotomy may be recommended. This simple procedure uses a YAG laser to open a window in the back of the lens capsule and restore clear vision. Posterior capsulotomy is a painless outpatient procedure that takes less than 15 minutes. Vision improvement is quick, and the patient can resume normal activities immediately.